Autumn - Back to school!

Autumn Visits to Kent Life

September - back to school! Children are excited about their new lunchbox and wondering where this year's school trip will be going to. Teachers are looking forward to meeting their new class and fitting in all the great ideas they had over the holiday. and Kent Life is looking forward to welcoming you all and making sure you have a fantastic, enriching and inspiring day of learning outside the classroom!

Just open is our new Owl Academy! Children can visit and learn about more than 10 different owl species, both native to the UK and from around the world. From Django the little Burrowing Owl to Bhuna the Bengal Eagle Owl who is our largest. They often snooze during the day, after having been up all night. But breakfast is in the morning, so make sure you go to see the owls first to check if they're still up!

Also new is our Nature Trail. This is  a self-guided activity, taking children round a variety of habitats. Children are invited to look for the letterboxes, discover who lives there and find out about their way of life. The Nature Trail sttarts next to the Fruit Garden and takes you to the wilder areas of Kent Life.

At the end of September, we start our award-winning Theme Days again. Every historical period in the curriculum is covered, from the Stone Age through to World War Two. In their class groups, children take part in a carrousel of workshops where they meet historical characters of the period. they can explore first-hand what life was like at the time and immerse themselves in the sounds, smells and sights of the past. All workshops are interactive and hands-on and are adapted to all abilities. If you'd like to find out more, please visit our Theme Days page.

If there is a period your class is studying that is not on the list, please do contact us to discuss organising a tailor-made day just for you, or even adding it to our list. Contact our Education Officer Claire Geddes via email or ring 01622 763936 to book  and if you have any questions, she will be more than happy to discuss this with you.