Stroll through Kentish Gardens

Come and enjoy the spectacular abundance of smells and colours in our very own Garden of England.

Stroll through the ornamental herb garden and familiarise yourself with an array of herbs with varying uses – from aromatic herbs used for pot-pourri and perfumes, through to dye plants used to colour wool and fabric.

Take inspiration from our herbaceous border, lose yourself in the apple orchards or be nosy in the two farmhouse gardens. Traditionally farmhouse gardens would have a pig sty at the bottom, as ours does. The soil is enriched with manure from our family friendly livestock and produces a wide range of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Visit the last coal-fired Oast House in the Country and learn about the traditions of hop picking - you can even have a go yourself at the annual Hops 'n' Harvest festival! Next door, our hop garden is planted with Fuggle and Goldings Hops, both traditional Kentish varieties from the late 19th century.